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LKID is a New York City based interior design firm that provides full-scale design services to clients across the country. With over 20 years in the design industry, Lisa Kanning expertly leads LKID in achieving unique and luxurious surroundings for their clients. The firm takes pride in building enduring relationships with clientele and takes the time to address and realize the specific needs of each. Whether it is providing furnishings for an existing space or becoming an integral member of a design team brought together to custom build, LKID strives to bring the most current ideas and materials to the table, whilst ensuring that the finished product also remains timeless.

Texture is integral in LKID interiors. While excitement can be created solely with the juxtaposition of different textural elements in furnishings, it is even more impactful to incorporate these details into the interior architectural features as well. Adept at many styles of design, often dictated by the location of a project, one can sense a common aesthetic woven throughout all of LKIDs work. Clean lines, textural contrast, proportional balance and a thoughtful composition of period and color are trademarks of the firm. Careful consideration is taken with every detail of a project with the knowledge that the overall outcome is a reflection of its components.

LKID’s founder, Lisa Kanning, has received numerous accolades in her field ranging from cover and editorial stories in regional and national publications to recognition in the internationally acclaimed Andrew Martin Interior Design Review. LKID assures to bring a fresh sensibility and aura of excitement to each project that they have the opportunity to be involved in.

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